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"I love it! It wasn’t the usual kid’s book cliche. It was more realistic, because that’s life more often than not. It would make for a great book on building self-esteem as part of a grade school curriculum. The book also includes questions for kids to reflect on."

              V. Vader

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. I think it speaks to the inner child in all of us. I will definitely include this book in my Sunday School classes. Leah's experience, in the book, is an example of how we all should look at life's challenges. Great book, well-written.

           A. Crenshaw

I read this to my grandsons, they enjoyed it. They had fun with the ending. I loved the message for children..great read.


"In the hustle and bustle of work and domestic duties, "Leah is Seen" allows the reader (adult or older child) to connect with the young child by enabling the young one to self-identify, process their emotions and discuss how they take on tasks.  
Reading this book to my 4-year-old daughter gave me the opportunity to hear her own story. When I asked her about being teased and what teasing meant, she gave me an entire story of how her friend at school pushed her and her reaction. We talked about how it didn't end her friendship and discussed ways of handling the conflict in the future. It makes me wonder how much of her life I miss when I don't ask her more thorough questions than "How was your day?" or "Did you have fun?"
Another note, as I was reading the story, her expressions to the character Leah's plight was endearing; she really has a grasp of empathy. When I asked the questions, I was surprised at how much she knew about teasing, softball, and her self. In the end, she said, "I like this book, mommy" and that sealed it for me."


"Overall, this book is clear, concise, and well-written. I very much enjoyed this book by a talented and upcoming author. We are awaiting the next series."

             G. Jones

"I really enjoyed this book; especially the surprise ending. Children would love to hear this interactive book for all ages to enjoy - boys and girls alike."

            S. Campbell

"My kids love this book. They can relate to the character in the story. They love the way the author ended the story, which allowed the reader to come up with their own thought on what happen at the end of the story."

         Amazon Customer

         North Carolina, USA


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