Claudette Esmerelda


Introducing, Weak Emerald's first up and coming new children's book author, Claudette Esmerelda, a U.S. Army retired veteran, presents convincing evidence that where you start or finish in life has more to do with courage than culture.  The "Art of Resilience” has been a theme throughout Claudette’s life.  High school graduation opened the door to college but lack of funding was an obstacle; however, Claudette was not deterred, she joined the Army Reserves at the age of 17.  Upon graduation of Army Basic Combat and Advanced Individual Training; she secured funding for college but other things hindered her plans. At the age of 18, the future appeared hopeless but Claudette persevered with F.A.I.T.H. and courage.  Her storied life and 20+ years in the military provides the experiences that actively inspire individuals and groups to adopt the D.R.E.A.M. approach.  You will find yourself never giving in, never giving up!  


Decisions to Destiny: Stories from Germany to Georgia. 

Immerse yourself in determination and courage that end with the pursuit of destiny. Claudette relates stories that effectively lead the audience to identify life decisions with great rewards!


The Faith to Dream:  A Product of the Village. 

A tough-love exploration of our community’s contribution that examines:  why we are here, what we are here to accomplish, and how the people contribute to our story.  Learn stereotype survival, overcome obstacles, and self-actualization.


Students (elementary, middle, high, undergraduate), educators, and business professionals.  Retreats, youth camps, faith groups, non-profits and festivals. 



Teens Overcoming Pressure Summit National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. February 2020 Grand Praire, TX


Project Voice Adam Cheyer (Co-founder of Siri, Viv and Bixby(Samsung)) Jan 2020 Chattanooga, TN


Women and Teen Dating Violence Event Nov 2019 Midlothian, TX


Authorpalooza (AASL) Culturally Responsive Minds Nov 2019 Louisville, KY


Authorpalooza (AASL) Bill Harley (Charlie Bumpers) Nov 2019 Louisville, KY


Authorpalooza AASL Linda Ragsdale (Positively Purple) Nov 2019 Louisville, KY


Authorpalooza "Screaming Eagles All-Around" HOOAH!


National Black Book Festival October 2019 Houston, TX


Digital Book World Janell Walden Agyeman NEXTSTEPS Literary Services Sep 2019 Nashville, TN

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Self-Esteem Workshop African-American Military History Museum Sep 2019 Hattiesburg, MS


Story-time with a Soldier African-American Military History Museum Sep 2019 Hattiesburg, MS


Author Panel Leaves Book and Tea Shop Marsha West (Second Chances series) Richard Gonzales (Raza Rising and Deer Dancer) Jane Alvey Harris (My Myth trilogy, Riven, Secret Keeper, and Primed) July 2019 Fort Worth, TX


Fay B. Kaigler's Children's Book Festival Richard Peck Scholarship Awardee Cheryl Peck (pictured with, sister of the late, Richard Peck)

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Book Signing HP-Books Flagship Store Feb 2019 Dallas, TX


Girls Orphanage Leah is Seen/ It's All About You Coloring Book Donation Dec 2018 Kenya Africa


Louisiana Book Festival Book Signing Baton Rouge, LA Oct 2019


Louisiana Book Festival Book Signing Brandi Worley (Crumb Snatchers II) Baton Rouge, LA Oct 2018