Leah is Seen is the first book of seven that introduces this precious, little girl to the world while at school. Readers find out early that, although unsure of herself; she is resilient.  Leah shows the world that when told "you can't" she can still try,  when told "just give up" she gives it another try, and when failure is evident, she does not hesitate to seek encouragement from the inside.  The first book of seven sets the scene for readers to enjoy time and time again, but don't give away the secret if you already have the book (shhh).  So, ensure you order the It's All About You Coloring Book to create memories and enhance your creativity!

Leah is Seen

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Leah Is Seen is about a little girl who is unsure of herself. Did someone tell Leah that she is not smart or talented or did she imagine this all on her own? No matter how Leah came to this conclusion, it is real to her now, and that's why this book was written; to dispel all untruths that not only Leah but all children are smart, talented and purely unique. Each child born is a gift to the world because their contribution to humanity is priceless. Every child needs to know that being good at sports, art, dancing, etc., is not as important as knowing: I am unique, I have the power to choose, and I am loved because El Roi sees me. 

It's All About You Coloring Book

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The 16 blank page Leah is Seen, It's All About You! Coloring Book is the second part of the "Leah is Seen" story where your child's imagination is colored through pictures or writing depending on your child's age; even the adult child.

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The second book of seven, Leah finds Peace continues to highlight her daily walk and struggles but at home. You will witness how this young heroine continues to thrive regardless of testing. 

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Emerald Dreams, the first book in a new series with a new lovable character named Emerald. (How'd you guess!)  She has the courage to answer a very important question prompted by her mother.  Emerald Dreams is a fresh and ingenious new way to offer fiction and non-fiction literature simultaneously to children and adults alike while learning history that time forgot.