Searching for the perfect book for your child is exhausting! You are trying to find the perfect book to fit your child’s situation because let’s face it; as parents we don’t have all the answers and that’s definitely not an indictment, but great parenting.  Your child is unique, therefore, you need books that are unique to your child’s situation.



Searching for the perfect Social Emotional Learning (SEL) teaching/training tool tucked inside a book that looks nothing like an instructional booklet! The majority of your students constantly hears and sees reasons to accept the status quo of statistics that should dictate their future; but YOU see gifts and talents not to be denied. You are seeking books for your multicultural and multilingual students from diverse social and economic backgrounds that provides a foundation of self-awareness and management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.



Searching for the perfect counseling accessory to aid in cognitive therapy where children can see themselves is a daunting task, to say the least! Like educators, you are desperate to find new ways to interact with your client on their level to help them reduce anxiety, identify their inner thoughts and replace negative ones with more positive, helpful ones.  

We’re happy to introduce the first book in our Leah Praise Series, Leah is Seen. The young protagonist is placed in situations that the reader can relate. Together they become more aware, build esteem and identify inner strength.  Throughout the story we offer questions to assist our readers with starting a dialogue about many topics such as anti-bullying. We’ve incorporated a matching coloring book to encourage non-verbal forms of expression, such as drawing and coloring, but also journaling and reflection. Like Leah, our readers are always learning, constantly evolving, forever affirming and embracing hope.