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Weak Emerald, LLC is an independent publishing company, launched in 2017, but a lifetime in the making; and would not be in existence without the dream of a little girl whose imagination and hope was stirred due to the cover and inside of the first book her eyes had ever seen, Where the Wild Things Are.  Author and recipient of the 1964 Caldecott Medal, Maurice Sendak (1928 - 2012) said, "You cannot write for children... They're much too complicated. You can only write books that are of interest to them."   Complicated, the most relevant word of today's youth, describes all the tough decisions they encounter while navigating childhood.  Like Maurice Sendak, Weak Emerald is passionate about creating works that inspire children to achieve victory in trials, incline to believe that the impossible is possible, and invite to confirm that overcoming obstacles is a necessary learning curve.


Weak Emerald strives to produce stories that are intellectually engaging to retain a child's attention and comprehension, enhance creativity and imagination and make the reading experience more enjoyable for families, schools, and youth programs.  Weak Emerald's literary focus is to expose and attempt to eliminate bullying, low-self esteem, and poverty and introduce encouragement, self-respect, and dignity to children and whosoever will choose a book published by Weak Emerald.

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S. Austin, Parent

THOUGHT PROVOKING....Children would love to hear this interactive book for all ages to enjoy.

G. Howard, Minister

IN OUR DIFFERENCES, ENDLESS VALUE....encouraging message that is much needed in a world where differences are degraded and not celebrated!

Jessy, Parent

A STORY THAT ALLOWS CHILDREN TO SHARE THEIR STORIES...as I was reading the story, her expressions to the character Leah's plight was endearing; she really has a grasp of empathy.

L. Davis, Teacher

ENJOYED BY THE YOUNG AND SEASONED...beautiful book inside (content) and out!  Easy to read and share...over and over again!

L. Howell, Librarian

EACH CHILD IS A GIFT TO HUMANITY...this book is definitely a must read for all.  Reading this to children in the Library setting allowed them to have windows, mirrors, and doors through this poignant book for social emotional health for our children as well as adults.  Leah is just the cutest character who will steal your heart.

A. Crenshaw, Grandparent

TRULY ENJOYED READING THIS BOOK...Leah's experience, in the book, is an example of how we all should look at life's challenges.

V. Alvarez, Student

A GREAT ESTEEM LIFTER...would make for a great book on building self-esteem as part of a grade school curriculum. 

Wai P., Retail Purchaser

INSPIRATIONAL INTERACTIVE STORY SERIES...helps educator and  leader to challenge the group to slow down, to think through, to make right choices, and to thrive in life.