Slow Speeding

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Growing up poor gives you two things: Imagination and Time. As a child, I had plenty of imagination for myself and others, if needed (still do) and time because there was no money to go on vacation, visit museums (all are not free and we didn't own a car), and theme parks; all the extras that I ensured my children were privileged. What I missed in the extras, I made up in imagination of dreams to come in the future. This is where I missed out, I think. Although, I had a big imagination, I focused on being poor instead enjoying the benefits of being poor: more time to prepare for the future. Imagination will not thrust you out of poverty but preparation will. This would have been a wonderful time to learn how to meditate! Hindsight is 20/20. I was in such a rush to leave, all I spoke about was leaving, and I did leave. What was the rush?

Our life has been over burdened with rushing for every detail of our lives. Were we meant to go 80 mph everywhere we go, spend only 8 mins for a meal with family or 8 seconds of your time to a friend in need? Time is our greatest commodity, when its rushed, its abused. When we constantly rush, we harm our inner core of peace and when we are peace-deprived, it begins to manifest outwardly. Meditation requires stillness and stillness opens our ears to hear a 'still-small voice' that gives vital directions and instructions that will empower and inspire you to calm down, sit down, and wind down to receive purpose. Rushing causes us to not hear this voice and tend to redo and repeat. When we are still, we listen and hear with clarity the first time.  Our will causes us to rush, His will cause us hush...shhhh.

Oh! What was the rush? "There is always a rush when you know your purpose is greater than your circumstance." - Claudette Esmerelda My immaturity rushed me towards destiny; once on the right path, guidance, preparation and patience helped me fulfill my calling. Just because the speed limit says 80 mph, doesn't mean it's mandatory


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