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Author Visits

Visiting schools and meeting students in person is a love of Weak Emerald’s authors.  A variety of programs are available, but our authors will brainstorm with teachers and administrators in order to mix and match to create a relatable program that meets the end goal. We work to align presentations with your goals and be in sync with topics that are presented to the students making certain to tie into Common Core initiatives.


"Leah is Seen" facilitates an interactive dialogue with readers and covers topics like using your imagination, resilience, inventiveness, facing fears, overcoming obstacles and problem-solving. In addition, readers are encouraged to journal and reflect on a number of topics. Additionally, our authors provide readings to preschoolers.

We want our audiences to be inspired by creativity and imagination while learning more about themselves.  


Weak Emerald's love of visiting schools offer:


- General Assembly Presentations (30-45 minutes includes a presentation, reading, Q & A)


- Half Day visits (2 general assembly presentations)


- Full Day visits (3 presentations or 2 general assembly presentations plus a breakout session) 

  *travel expenses apply where applicable (meals and mileage)*


Presentations Available 


- Decisions to Destiny: Stories from Germany to Georgia

Immerse yourself in determination and courage that end with the pursuit of destiny. Claudette relates stories that effectively lead the audience to identify life decisions with great rewards!


- The Faith to Dream:

A Product of the Village. A tough-love exploration of our community's contribution that examines: why we are here, what we are here to accomplish, and how the people contribute to our story. Learn stereotype survival, overcome obstacles, and self-actualization.


- My Brain to the Bookstore and Beyond: 

Claudette’s journey from the idea to manuscript submission to the bookstore and beyond. Learn the 21st century publishing process from a determined author. 


- Real S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Using the letters in the word success, Claudette uses wisdom to help others navigate the ladder of success into personal, professional, relational and spiritual goals. Audiences tend to leave the ladder in the garage/shed after this presentation! (For older students and/ or adults/ staff) Breakout Sessions (30 minutes)


- Knowing Your Character: 

Claudette will share tips on creating an interesting and relatable character.


 - Let's Read!

Author reading followed by an open Q & A from students.


- Book Signings: 

Weak Emerald authors love to sign books! This time is gratifying and allows an author to best connect with the audience.


Weak Emerald Publishing provides an alternative that allows for preordering through the school (pre-order form available in advance and upon request). The result allows our authors to personalize the book with the child’s name and the teacher would be responsible for distributing the books later. However, not all families can afford to purchase a book; this is an inclusive way to make certain that students do not feel excluded from the full program.

 - What about older kids?

Our authors can tailor presentations or breakouts for older students as well – please ask about it! The book may suit a younger audiences but the topics are wide ranging and appeals to an older audience.


- Other Details:

Claudette requests 10-15 minutes between sessions to prepare for the next group of students. 

*Books purchased in bulk have significant discounts*

10% Bulk 1  (25+)

15%  Bulk 2 (31+)

20% Bulk 3 (40+)

30% Bulk 4 (50+)

35%  Bulk 5 (76+)

40% Bulk 6 (100+)

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